A Part Of You, A Part Of Me 2

Date: 16 Jan –  31 Jan 2015
Reception: 16 Jan 2015, 04.00pm

New things that occurred in this world are often a result of connecting ideas and linking two things together just like inspiration. A Part Of You, A Part Of Me is project that was born under the notion that although our works may be different, we are all an inspiration for one another. The aim of this project is to create new things and drives the creative spirit of new artists at the same time.

Following the success of A Part Of You, A Part Of Me exhibition that was held at WTF Gallery and SOL Space in 2011, this has allowed us to see how new artists develop their works, particularly in terms of the variety of their expressions through media and how artists select their choices of media to express their notions.

The first A Part Of You, A Part Of Me exhibition was directed by Tokin Teekanun and freelance music event organisers, resulting from their love for music and their goals to provide a way for new artists to showcase their works. Tokin spent a great amount of time recording and planning independent music events. His goal is to pave a way for new artists to showcase independent music culture and contemporary art as one through different events. He started small in his little society around him with a strong believe that if he continues that way, one day he would be able to see a variety of artworks from new artists that truly represent their souls. The goal is to provide space and stages for new artists to exhibit their works that will connect us together and inspire one another in the real world.

The first program schedules and audio art

Images from the first event at WTF Gallery

Images from the first event at SOL Space

For the second event of A Part Of You, A Part Of Me, Tokin Teekanun has invited Chol Janeprapapan, an independent curator to work together in this project to ensure that the concept of this project is as clear as possible. Furthermore, Tokin has selected artists to firstly create music or an audio art which will then be passed on as an inspirational work for new artists to develop creative works further. By collaborating together as such, we will achieve the goal to provide a connecting space for creativity which perhaps can be called “A space for the interpretation between music and visual arts”. The aim of A Part Of You, A Part Of Me is to exchange ideas. Final works from both group of artists will be exhibited together which will include concepts and styles that could either go well together or could just be the complete opposite. Just like our conversations that often involve debates as well as instigation. Nevertheless, this is from the point of view of artists at their creative peaks.