The Jam Factory Group of Companies

Beyond just a venue;
The Jam Factory group is creative economy in action.

The idea of turning creative idea into services and products is not new, but to deliver it effectively is a distinguished expertise. Even though the idea of creative economy and creative business has been known by economists that could deliver a high value from a limited resource for years, not many entrepreneurs succeeded in creative business. The most valuable asset of The Jam Factory is, thus, not only the venue itself, but also people who works as a part of a large team of creative minds at The Jam Factory and its group of companies.

With his strong leadership in creative thinking, Duangrit Bunnag always attracts those young and similarly creative minds to work with him. The team of The Jam Heads of more than 12 people working side by side with Duangrit Bunnag everyday, generating creative ideas regularly in all of his 7 active businesses under The Jam Factory investment. And because this team of The Jam Heads are among the new cutting edge customer in the market domain, they are likely to create the services and products they will fall in love with. They created the products, events, food, projects and several services within the special ‘segmented’ market sector, just because they are already the market itself. With the discussion with the team, Duangrit will work with them to create possibility of the business out of their initiatives and creative thoughts. This methodology went beyond convention marketing study and research and allow The Jam Factory to evolve their businesses dynamically beyond reason. The Jam Factory and its group of companies fully reach the diverse creative business such as;

The Never Ending Summer/ The Summer House Project restaurant
Anyroom furniture, design store brand, and prefabrication house
Voltaire that owns Candide Books and Li-Bra-ry Cafe
Revolution Daffodils media house who runs The Jam Mag. and RUBBERS
The Days of Sun online communication expertise
and Someday Everyday Easy Food restaurant