The Never Ending Summer

The Never Ending Summer: The Original Kitchen 

Welcome to the Home-Cooking Thai Kitchen of The Never Ending Summer. 

Through the cultural diversity, food is one of Thai’s wisdom with endless possibilities. As magical as jazz, improvisation is always-already a rule of any authentic Thai kitchen. While a jazz musician will have their own instruments, techniques and favourite musical scale, the chefs in Thai kitchen will also have their own secret source of ingredients, family myth preparation technique and particular personal taste to the certain recipe. Only with this harmonic intuition that could possibly create a perfect Thai dishes in an intrigued way. 

Nothing can be so right or wrong about Thai food, really. Thais will cook their version of their favourable dishes from their remembrance: taste appearance and composition. At The Never Ending Summer’s kitchen, we authentically cook each dishes from our most delighted memoir of Thai food, the way we really love it. We serve our food in the way it will surely brings us back in time to our past of random happiness.

And the reason why you are here is simply for the opportunity that we could share those happiness with you.